When I joined Foundation academy,I was a very average student, I had a very poor aptitude. My basics in mathematics were very poor. The academy had set up an atmosphere where I felt very motivated and inspired.The person I need to thank the most is Deepak Sir. He changed the way I looked at mathematics, all my concepts and confidence in the subject came from him.

Everyone wants to get the best possible tuitions. Foundation academy is the place where you actually get the best. If you are the type of student who faces problem while learning..Deepak sir is the perfect teacher for you. He’s skillful, humble, passionate and excited to show you the way. What he teaches you will definitely help you improve.

A good teacher is like a candel - it consumes itself to light the way for others.These are the exact words which describe deepak sir!! We may forget what you said but wont be able to forget what you made us feel. You presented the past, revealed the present and created the future.You were persistent in making sure each of us lived up to our potential,and he made learning fun.To the world u maybe just a teacher but to me you are a star that spreads its light selflessly. I always saw you as a shoulder whom i could lean upon. Under your guideness i can see the world in a whole new different way,full of science and maths. U were one of the reason i loved going to tuition coz i knew everytime after i came home from tuition i would be spilling out all the interesting stuff that u filled us with in each class. Ur strictness made us see the difference between right and wrong. I would never forget the amazing journey that i had with you. You are an inspirational figure that made my journey much simpler and happier.

It was always fun studying in foundation academy. It was so blessed full study with you deepak sir. You jsut gave us a homie feeling 😭. I seriously miss those game sessions in 9th. You just treated us like your own kids since the first day of 9th. Like 2years of teaching just gave us so much to remember. Such memories and ever lasting💕. Thankyou Deepak sir for such warm gesture. Foundation Academy was the best academy i ever studied from. And at the end i am a happyy graduate from Foundation Academy 👀

Deepak sir really helped me to enjoy my studies. He always emphasises on understanding the concepts rather than just memorising them. He also remained as a constant support and always motivated us to study harder and to push our limits. Indeed, studying from foundation academy will count as one of the most beautiful experience in my student life. Your student

It gave me step by step guidance to achieve my goals !!! It’s really amazing to interact and learn from such a humble person Deepak Sir ! My fear of maths has been overcome over here !! I proudly passed my class 9th with 10 cgpa !! Foundation academy made sure that we pass all the hurdles with flying colours !! I thank foundation academy from the bottom of my heart to made me achieve what I wanted and excellence guidance it provided in last 2 years !!